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How to get the most out of Notes To Store

Notebook Page Styles

Set the first page to the style of font, font size, color of font and background image or color. This will be used as the default for any new pages created.

You can change the first page at any time and any new pages created thereafter will be with this as the new default.

You can change backgrounds at anytime on a page by page basis. If you type text on one page but wish to draw on the next page you could change its background to be a grid.

If you draw with the grid background you can change it to a lighter grid or plain background when you’re done drawing. Same with typing or writing notes.

If you need a specific page to stand out because of its importance change the background color to orange, yellow, red, lime green, etc. Now when you flip through you can easily find it.

Use Auto line option if you wish the lines to adjust for the font and size.

You can type in any words in the search box at the top of the list of Notebooks/Pages. This will then list the pages in that notebook with the matching words.

If you create a drawing you can type in a word for the drawing. This will allow it to be found when doing a search.

Copy and Paste
Notes To Store uses the standard copy and paste for text. If you’re in Safari or other app, select the text and copy.
Open Notes To Store and paste where you would like them. The text will be pasted in the current style for the page. You can also copy text from a page and paste into another program.

You can paste images that were previously copied from another photo. The Photos app allows copying multiple images. In Photos app click the export button when displaying a number of photos. a you tap photos a check mark appears. You can copy or email the images. Choose copy. To paste images go to the Photos mode and hold down your finger on the page until the Paste option appears. While you can paste multiple images don’t try to push it by having dozens of full size images on a page. Memory is still tight, even on the iPad.

Change settings to change the import size. If you wish large images that fill the page keep set on large. If you’re typically using smaller images then set smaller size to save memory.

To change the name of a notebook double click on the notebook name in the notebook list. A dialog box will appear to allow changing the name and specific notebook settings.

Double tap on a page to change the page name in the list.

You can re-order the pages of the notebook by using the notebook/pages list. Choose pages and tap the Edit button.
Use the re-order control on the right of the page number to drag a page to a different order.
You can do the same to re-order notebooks in their list.

If you only want to view the pages of a notebook without changing then tap the Done button in the upper right.
This will prevent changes and will keep the keyboard from popping up.

Hot links
When in viewing mode any web addresses, email addresses or phone numbers become hot links.
Tap on Web address will launch Safari with the website loaded.
Tap on email address will bring up the Mail app with new mail pre-addressed.
Tap on a phone number to add as a contact to your address book.

Long pages
Notes To Store handles long scrolling pages but if you want to get elaborate with fonts or graphics it’s better to keep the text and graphics to full pages. This avoids any possible cutoff (or overlap) when exporting and printing later.
No problem simply exporting as pure text.

You can create a graphical guide (such as for storyboards) and load that as an image. The paint is always on top of the image and when you’d done you can delete the image references.

See the
Keyboards page for more info.

Other uses
Although targeted to writing and drawing notes, Notes To Sore can also be used to create a personalized email with photos and drawings in addition to the text note.

Keep children (or yourself) busy painting or decorating photos.

As always if you have a feature request you would like or have found a bug please
contact me so it can be added or fixed.

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