Notes to Store

Notes To Store QuickGuide


To get started using Notes To Store simply select the page and start typing.
You can cut, copy and paste text same as any other iPad app.

Undo - Redo
Use the curved arrow buttons at the top to undo and redo.

New Page
To add a new page to the notebook tap the Compose button at the top.

Next or Previous Page
To go to the next page or previous page tap on the arrow buttons at top or bottom. Click the Done button to go into view mode. You can also swipe your finger left or right or you can tap the right or left edge of the paper to turn to the next or previous page.

You may change the font style, size and color at any time for a page.
Tap on the Fonts button to bring up controls to increase or decrease the font size. You may also select a font from the scrolling list. as with any Popover simply tap on the document outside the popover to return to the document.

To change the text or background color tap on the Split Color button. The left side shows the text color and the right shows the background color. (If you have a background image selected it will replace the colored background.)

You can toggle between the Text and the Background colors with the top button. The slider at the bottom controls the brightness. Touch one of the preset squares for quick, repeatable color or touch in the color wheel and move your finger. If you wish to keep a custom color simply put finger on New color square and drag it to one of the other squares.

To change the background to an image click on the BG button and select a standard background pattern. The red bar removes the background image.
Auto button provides option to have a lined background with any color background that automatically adjusts for different fonts and sizes.

To paint on a page simply select the Drawing button.

Quick Color and Brush selection:
The Color square in the toolbar shows the current color and the number on the left next to the brush shows the size. Touch any of the color squares to select a preset.

Tapping the brush button at the left next to the row of colors brings up preset brush sizes.
Tap any size to change the brush size. Tap the rainbow button on left to go back to color selection.

To fully adjust the brush size tap the Brush button in the toolbar.
As you adjust the slider the brush displayed will change size and the number will reflect the size. Tapping the eraser button at the top will select the eraser and allow setting the eraser brush size.
The Erase button below erases the entire image.

To quickly go to the color settings from the brush setting tap the color square.

You can also tap on the color square in the toolbar to change the color of paint.
The slider at the bottom controls the brightness. Touch one of the preset squares for quick, repeatable color or touch in the color wheel and move your finger. If you wish to keep a custom color simply put finger on New color square and drag it to one of the other squares.

Go to the settings (bottom on Notebooks list) to set a switch to smooth paint strokes.

To add or change Photos select the Photo button.
Press the + button on the top bar to select an image from you Photo Albums. Move the image by dragging it. Resize or rotate by using 2 fingers. Double tap will bring the photo in front of other photos. You may draw over the images using the paint tool once the Drawing button is selected.

Press and holding an image for 1 second will bring up an option to delete the photo. Press and holding anywhere while in photo mode will provide an option to Paste, if you had copied an image from Photos app or other app. Notes to Store supports copying and pasting multiple images at a time from the photos app.

The settings option at the bottom of the notebook lists allows import to limit image size to iPad size (large) or a smaller size to save memory.
Images are currently locked to the display and do not scroll with the text

Use the Export button to Export the current page or the whole notebook as pure text, images or PDFs.
This brings up the option to Send via Mail, Save to Album or Export.

Choices for emailing.

If a notebook is saved or exported as images then images are zip compressed.

When items are exported the next time you sync to your desktop go to the Apps tab and scroll down for a list of apps that support sharing via iTunes.

Select Notes To Store and any document should be available there. Select the document and select Save As button to save the file somewhere on your desktop computer. You may also drag the file from Tunes to another location. By exporting Notes To Store notebooks you can make user controlled backups of specific notebooks.

At the bottom of the page is an import button.

This currently lists any Notes to Store notebooks that you had previously exported. This allows you to restore notebooks that you might have previously exported and then deleted from the device.

Press the Done button at the upper right to prevent changes and to just view pages.
Swiping your finger can be used to move forward and backward as well. Tap the sides of the pages to flip to next or previous page (version 1.32)

Deleting Page
Tap the Trash Can at the top of the page to delete the current page.

Home options
Press the Home button in the upper left or simply rotate the iPad to landscape.
This lists all the notebooks.

New Notebooks
Tap the + button to create a new notebook. The Auto Date Stamp button will cause all new pages in the notebook to be time stamped at the top. Double-tap a notebook name to change its name or change the Date stamp option.

List pages
Tap the pages button to get a list of pages. Tapping any page number will bring up that page.

Naming Pages
Double tap a page in the list to bring up a naming dialog. Any page can be named to make it easier to find in the list.
Naming Notebooks
Double tap on any notebook in the list to rename the notebook.

Edit Notebooks and Pages
Tap the Edit button to allow rearranging the Notebooks or Pages in the list.
This also allows you to delete a notebook or page. (Trash can allows deleting current page without going into edit table mode.)
Press the done button above the notebook and page list when finished.

Search all pages of the current notebook by typing a word into the searchbar.

At the bottom of the notebook list is the settings button that brings up basic settings such as page curl.

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