Notes to Store

Notes to Store
Application for the iPad to type notes, mark up photos and manage
multiple notebooks.

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(As always, if you’re experiencing any problems with the latest release
please send an email with any details you can so they can be fixed as quickly as possible.)

(Update is in the works for many of the requests)


Unsolicited reviews on the App Store (really):

A Gem! -
by MaryThomas - Version 1.3 - 10 May 2010
This is it! After downloading five or six note-taking apps and comparing all the rest through their iTunes App Store descriptions, this is the one. It's clean, simple and fast. There are no unnecessary steps, no endless scrolling to get to what you want, no clutter on the pages, no syncing information on some server in some other country, and no crashing!! Yet it's powerful, flexible and customizable in a variety of ways. Both individual pages and whole notebooks can be exported via email, PDF through iTunes or to the iPad Photo Album (which is highly useful for my work). The ability to manipulate photographs and annotate photos and PDFs were important items on my wish list and Notes To Store does these things well! Also on my wish list were the ability to password protect certain notebooks and to record audio while taking notes... Since the developer provides a link to make feature requests, I sent those two in and received a reply within an hour indicating that they were both top priorities for future updates! I also asked a question about exporting and he not only answered my email promptly but also updated his app's Quick Start and Tips to make it easier for everyone! That's good customer service!!!!! This app is easily 5 stars. I'm so glad I found this gem.

Freedom from paper at last! -
by NetSafari - Version 1.3 - 2 May 2010
This is my go to app for taking notes at meetings, creating memo notebooks, and general organization of project data. It's like a virtual clipboard, three ring binder and note pad that never runs out of paper. The layout and usability are natural and intuitive. This has just about replaced paper for day to day use.

Very well done - ★★★★★
by Starryeyedseven - Version 1.01 - 11 April 2010

This app is very well put together, far beyond the other apps for notes. Since I got my iPad I have been seeking a journal-type app that also allows one to incorporate images. So far, this one is the answer. The bonus is: many fonts to choose from and as you scroll through them you can see how they look on the page you are working on. Very nice touch. Also, the backgrounds are not flaky-looking and have the ability to change colors on a continuum. These fine touches are not often found in the app store, and for once I feel I've received more than I expected. Thank you.

Excellent App, and it's going to get better -
by ChristianSinger - Version 1.01 - 10 April 2010

This is a great app right out of the gate and it is going to get better. I used it to take notes during class and it provided an easy, quick interface for doing so. In my little spare time it is also great for keeping track of thoughts, (to bad the iPad didn't come with a camera; but I guess that is what the camera connection kit can be used for, ....) This app is worth the price .

Notes To Store allows creating multiple multimedia notebooks on the iPad, each with unlimited pages. The user can type in text, draw sketches and import photos for markup and reference.

User can record all of their ideas just like a real notebook. They can type with the built in keyboard , hardware keyboard or write with their finger if they prefer. (
iPad Keyboard page added to this site to compare the keyboards.)

Multiple notebooks allows organizing by subject matter or projects. Great for school classes or work projects.
Auto date stamping can be enabled on any notebook to turn it into a journal or diary by starting each page with the date and time.

Each notebook can be customized to provide a different look as desired.
Font styles, size and colors can also be customized on a per page basis to make reading and finding material easy.

Pages can be individually named.

Sketching and painting is done with a fully adjustable brush and colors. Drawing can be used to sketch out ideas and to highlight text.
Option to auto-smooth paint strokes. 16 user defined colors coming in version 1.32 as well as faster color and size access.

Photos can be imported to draw on top of, to make notations or simply for illustration.

The pages can show plain paper, graph paper, spiral notebook or yellow pad motifs. Auto lined allowed lined background that adjust to the font yet shows different colors.

All typed or pasted text is searchable to easily find the pages needed. A typed keyword on a sketch allows it to easily be found.

Email pages or the entire notebook as Text, PDFs, Images or Save to the Photo Album.
Export all format to iTunes and ability to import previously exported Notes to Store notebook files.

Copy and paste supported as well as full undo/redo. Copy text from other documents or from Safari for pasting into Notes To Store.
Copy images from other applications and paste into Notes To Store. (even handles multiple images)

There’s no need to signup with a web service. You can email email or export to the desktop. (1.3)

See the
Tips Page for ideas and the Getting Started Guide to learn how to use the app.

(Less than the price of buying some real notebooks that have limited number of pages, no photos and no ability to send as copies)

(This is not a fully blown Word Processor with full word wrapping images and all the bells and whistles. If you need that then consider getting Pages from Apple. If you need something to take notes, need to sketch or draw and have them organized in a notebook fashion then Notes To Store is the app you want).


Version 1.32 now available
To make painting faster and easier:

Ability to save 16 user preset colors for paint and another 16 user presets for text/background colors.
Simply drag New color to any square to save.

Display of text and background color button in text mode.

Display of paint color when in paint mode with direct access to the 16 colors at the top of page.

16 brush sizes readily available.
You can still go into brush controls or color controls and choose any color or size you’d like.

Faster page loading allows flipping through notebook quicker.
Tap side of page when in view mode to go to next or previous page.
Much faster color interaction when selecting variable color and brightness.

Version 1.3 - Previous version
It's recommended you save out any critical notebooks or pages just for safety before the update.

Fixed bug that could cause the loss of recent typing.
Ability to name individual pages.
New, improved action options allow mailing or exporting pages and notebooks.
Exported files are saved so they may be copied from iTunes to the desktop computer.
Notebooks mailed or exported as images are now in .zip format to reduce size.
Export Notes To Store files format to allow backup of notebooks.
Import Notes To Store files to reload previous exported notebooks.
Ability to paste images from Safari or other programs.
Ability to paste multiple images copied from Photos App.
Auto-lined background option to draw lines that adjust to font style and size.
Trash can added to page to make deleting single page faster and easier.
Ability to delete all pages and notebooks.
Much better pagination so no duplication of text when emailing long pages.
Swiping to turn pages now disabled when editing to avoid conflict.
Reduced memory usage and better low memory handling.
Brush smoothing option.
Option to save PDFs as images to maintain the font if required.
Option to import images at a smaller size to save memory.

(Smart Objects and Centering document in landscape didn’t make it in this version since I wasn’t fully happy with either.)
I haven’t been able to get in all the feature request I wanted so hopefully those will be in the follow update.
Audio recording and password protection are high on the list along with a few others. It may be a few weeks before all the updates can be completed and tested.

Please send in any
feature requests or UI suggestions. I’ve been getting some great ideas and am starting to add these for future updates.

If you have any problems please submit a
bug report so that I can fix it for you. Thanks.

If you like
Notes To Store please consider leaving a review on the App Store.


The video doesn’t show the latest features so check the notes above and the QuickStart Guide for details.



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